[tab title=”SODI DELTA 950″]
delta-950One of the latest products in the Sodi racing range, this Kart has a wheelbase 50 mm longer than the DELTA 900. It has been especially designed to optimize performance with hard compound tires.
Thanks to a whole host of innovations, the Delta 950 provides outstanding efficiency on any track and in all weather conditions and has already won many races all over Europe.
The new international star of its category, the Sodi Delta 950 is available with the famous Sodi hydraulic brake (4 pistons and 140 mm turbo ventilated disk) and 30 mm dia. hollow rear axle.

[tab title=”SODI SIGMA KZ”]
sigma-kzThe Sigma KZ meets the requirements of even the most demanding drivers by providing the best possible response to the particular constraints of 125cc geared engines.
Equipped with a braking system that is both powerful and sensitive, and using the latest leading-edge technologies, the Sodi Sigma KZ allows drivers to make the most of the chassis’ exceptional performance under all track conditions.


[tab title=”SODI SIGMA DD2″]
An exceptional product deserves an exceptional chassis. The new Sodi Sigma DD2 has been specially designed to accomodate the famous Rotax Direct Drive engine block. In addition to common technical innovations to all the models (new brakes, new axle bearing support, new accessories…) the SIGMA DD2 is characterized by a number of innovations dedicated to the direct drive system : new frame, new adjustable radiator support, new rear bumper flexible fixation…. The new SIGMA DD2 is just built for victory.


[tab title=”SODI SIGMA RS”]
The SIGMA RS has been developped especially for medium tyres in Rotax and KF, where the longer wheelbase and welded column support will ensure more effectiveness.

The R version has a shorter wheelbase, advanced central cross bar and a removable column support offering optimum efficiency for hard tires / medium (ex : Rotax Junior).

A lot of work has been done on the brake system to provide more sensibility and progressivness. The design and manufacture of the SIGMA R & RS allow drivers to improve performance over the duration of the race.




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